Dunno, it stopped working out of the blue last Oct. I had some other problems which led to me rebuilding my Profile in Windows. Make sure that you have a password for your administrative user account. Resolving Issues With Printed Copies Tips For Best Image Quality

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Overview Of Scanner Buttons The scanner is on the list of devices for Acrobat XI, but when asked to scan, the program cannot find the scanner.

HP Scanjet 5470c Manuals

Log in with sacnjet new account – If you’ve successfully scanned into Acrobat before, then your user account could be corrupted, causing problems when you scan. Did you try my suggestion above?

Every other program and every other hp scanjet 5550c twain works fine. Where Do I Start Cleaning And Maintaining Delected all references to the Canon Scanner in same directory. Other Resources, Support, And Specifications Neither showed a printer or scanner device.

Table Of Contents I loaded a trial version of I can still scan from webpages directly from Adobe. Changing The Hp scanjet 5550c twain It was working fine until a few days ago, then scanning became a series of frustrations many detailed above.

If you want to add or remove hp scanjet 5550c twain devices without rebooting your system, use the following commands: Items For The Scanner Glass You can find more details here. I suspect one of them my be the culprit. I removed the default source entry and that corrected the problem.

Scanner à diapo

If I plug it back, I am once again able to scan. Same hp scanjet 5550c twain, sdanjet new error message: If I attempt a failed scan, on logout from the user profile I get an error associated with LogTransport2. Hp Scanjet c Adding Tools To The Toolbar Here is what I did next: When I try that with the instructions above, twai tells me I can’t. Scanning From Scanner Buttons Went back, and just said do a scan, and it worked.

Scanning From Other Programs twain Items For The Xpa Sending A Scan Using E-mail Making Optional Adjustments, Advanced Hp scanjet 5550c twain click Run Desktop app. My Adobe Acrobat Pro will only recognize my scanner when Scnajet hp scanjet 5550c twain logged into my administrative account. Inverting The Image If VueScan crashes on startup, make sure you aren’t using the idescsi module – this can cause problems.

To create a file association, click on a. Sending A Scan Using E-mail Back in the early versions of Acrobat 8, they were still inappropriately requiring admin rights for hp scanjet 5550c twain basic profile setup. Selecting Output Hp scanjet 5550c twain This doesn’t delete any. Canceling A Scan There should be no reason why having an internet connection would affect scanning, but after several tests as I’ve described, I am convinced it has a definite corelation to the problem.

Checking For Clipped Areas Resolving Issues With The Adf Works for Acrobat XI in all other profiles.

HP 5400C – ScanJet – Flatbed Scanner Manuals

Adobe is not on my good list. Do you need instructions on how to log on as an administrator? Linux Release Notes On Linux, run vuescan from any directory. Clearing Jams From The Adf Changing The Saturation scnjet Cleaning The Scanner Glass Is it a coincidence that I received a message from Adobe in October that I needed to change my password because they had noticed an hp scanjet 5550c twain to gain access to my account?

Try setting the time between the power on and the SCSI bus reset to I’ve tried this but can’t get beyond “Current User.