Our offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, both from IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. To view IntelliStation compatibility reports, visit: This program provides useful information about preloaded software, links to other programs, and helpful tips and suggestions. This adapter features high-speed 2D acceleration and high-speed, full-featured 3D acceleration. In the case of predictable failures, you can avoid costly data loss by backing up data and replacing the HDD. Systems support one diskette drive.

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All proprietary software is property of IBM. Support documentation is built into inteloistation help system. Installation labor is provided at no additional charge, if the machine is covered under a warranty service upgrade or maintenance services. Monitors system-board temperatures, system voltages, and fan speed, intellistation m pro detects removal of the computer cover.

IntelliStation M Pro models provide a migration path for users who want the latest Pentium 4 processors. Asset protection tracks the system presence via monitoring of a LAN intellistatiion and tracking intrusion regardless of whether the system is fully powered on or the system intellistation m pro off but still plugged into the outlet.

HDDs offer early warning of some failures so that critical data can be protected.

Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. System Type Notable for being the ‘first’ of the IntelliStations. Dealer prices may vary, and prices intellistation m pro also vary by country.

Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Applications and device drivers may vary from the retail version and may not include all functions and documentation. IBM has since intellistation m pro the IntelliStation series in intellistation m pro with support and drivers. Ultra DMA Mode 2: Intellistxtion tool can help administrators manage and control hardware and software products on desktop computers and servers.

Systems management software, such imtellistation IBM Director Agent, can then be used to send an alert to the user or the system administrator if a problem occurs.

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Choice of optical devices: Intellistation m pro support may be subject to additional charges. The Inrellistation M Pro system has the following security attributes: This adapter features high-speed 2D acceleration and high-speed, full-featured 3D acceleration. IBM Director Agent IBM Intellistation m pro Agent, a client management application for intellistatjon computers, centralizes control of your computer systems, thus helping to intellistation the total cost of ownership.

The IntelliStation M Pro systems have two key focus areas: The software versions, features, and functions of IBM Director Agent may change as new releases become available or may intellistation m pro discontinued at any time.

The Linux operating system does not support the 3Dlabs Wildcat4 adapter. For additional ServicePac information, visit: PC System Monitor Instrumentation: APM provides a cooperative environment in which applications, operating systems, and device drivers work together to reduce power consumption.

IBM IntelliStation

This enhanced level of service includes a higher level of on-site repair service for the term of the warranty period. These diagnostic tools for isolating problems also provide information about your computer operating system environment and installed features. You can obtain Intellistation m pro through the method of service, such as depot, intellistayion or on-site, provided intellistation m pro the servicing country.

When you install the system in a vertical position, the feet must be deployed to assist in the prevention of the intellistattion tipping over.

In Intellistation m pro, call Enhances your ability to monitor PCs locally or remotely. For all other non-IBM parts, customers are responsible for sourcing the intellistatoin. IWS is available during the warranty period intellistation m pro customers who travel or relocate to countries where their computer is sold and serviced by IBM or IBM resellers authorized to perform warranty service.

Technology Enablers IBM technology enablers are the supporting hardware designed into IBM products to enable comprehensive systems management. These pgo are to be serviced during the IBM warranty period.