Thanks to its 8x writing speed, the drive only took For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: It started out at about 6. Is it the fastest DVD writer around? However, when scanned by the DW, the PI rates were a bit higher than we’d like to see.

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From this information we can see what the drive’s average speed was and how many errors it generated. The only way to get the LHA1H to write at its maximum speed is to reboot the computer. Like most drives, it did not pass the “three sheep” test. All of the times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p.

This software can do a number of things including edit and touch up your photos, as well as organize them into various albums. According to HP, it’s as simple as burning the lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p, flipping the disc, and then burning the label.

Off by default, this LED lights up green whenever the drive is reading or writing. Redesigned to maximize ease-of-use, Nero Express ddvdrw users the ability to quickly litr easily burn audio, data and video to CD or DVD. With a lb transfer speed of The CD is almost exactly 74 minutes.

Oh yet, Nero Recode 2 does this little loss of no. Some even slow down to read single layer DVD-Video discs. If you don’t want to install everything, select the custom installation.

Even if you have a LightScribe capable drive and media, you will need software that supports it. For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: This helps to squeeze the maximum performance out of lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p CD.

Every error a drive creates could be a hiss or pop you would hear later in the audio tracks. On top of that, it was able to rip audio CD’s at an impressive 48x.

When a disc is written at a higher than normal speed, SmartWrite will automatically create a new writing strategy lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p it.


Take note that the settings are all linked together so when you set the book type for one media type, it is applied to all. For example, if your disc was normally supported at only 8x, the LHA1H would now give you the option to write to it at 12x.

The drive had no problems playing back these movies with either program and was fairly quiet. The manual also spends a few pages going over lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p locations and the functions of the buttons and dvdre located on lie front and back of the drive.

So what about writing quality? The drive had no problems passing all of the on-the-fly tests and did not create any errors.

They also must be able to recognize LightScribe media. The LHA1H also supports a feature called “bitsetting.

To get the writing times, a 4. The new writing strategy is then created on-the-fly. It fires off eight different applications using scripts.

Digital Audio Extraction

Many people consider InCD to be one of the best packet writing tools because of its simplicity and performance. For what it offers, Lite-On’s new drive is surprisingly affordable.

In our tests it started reading at 6. I should also point out that the LHA1H is quite loud when writing at 20x.

While there isn’t an RPC-1 firmware available for the drive, there is a utility available that can make the drive region free. You 201ap lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p going to get varying results from a full data disc to a lite on dvdrw lh 20a1p layer movie disc. The drive not only turned in some impressive times, its writing quality was quite good. How long does it take to print a label? For this test I made a copy of a pressed test CD.

I created about 8GB of random files and directories on my hard drive and then burned them to our test discs with Nero.