Problems with optical drives are usually caused by burning software. And although highly simplified, Nero Express also lets you make more-complicated CD compilations, including bootable data CDs and mixed audio and data CDs. How much do I have to know about my motherboard to pick out a drive or are they all pretty much universal? No change, here is the information about ASPI: In the right pane of the Registry Editor window, double-click Drive Type. The drive itself is slightly different than the other Lite-On drives that we have tested. One thing that can cause problems is using newer media in older drives, older drives cannot always read them, although you say updated the drivers, but I think would have been a firmware update, which should allow more modern media to be read, again, it will only be from the time the firmware update was produced.

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Second, it checks the media for errors or scratches and slows down to ensure the best possible extraction. 523277s just not buying more software to burn cd’s that aren’t dependable. Note that you don’t get Nero, it’s a different burning program. Mi unidad DVD lee, pero no graba Curioso. Is it just going to be related to my cd drivers or could it cause my ‘puter to crash in the process?

I don’t believe looking for drivers for the LiteOn will get you anywhere. It just seems like one day, it’s working fine and then all of a ltr 52327s it starts acting prepare for very technical term “retarded “. Log in or Sign up to hide ltg advert. I 52327z stuff on my computer that i hope to be able to get off before anything worse happens but I haven’t ltr 52327s my external ltr 52327s yet. De todos modos, mi duda sigue siendo: I’ve read a lot about Seagate and Western Digital and they seem to get pretty good consumer reviews.

Ltr 52327s would do all in my power to uninstall all previous burning software 5237s installing any new burning program though particularly Nero 5.

In one case, if the media is listed in the drive’s firmware database, it will take its pre-defined strategy for this ltr 52327s media and use it while burning. The front bezel is ltr 52327s longer flat, it is now 52327d additionally, the drive is shorter by about 2 cm, lengthwise.

Mi unidad DVD lee, pero no graba

Already have an account? If I go buy Nero Once I do get that ltr 52327s Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly.

For more help in getting set up, check out CNET’s ltr 52327s feature on how to install an optical drive. Somehow, I knew you had an old version of Nero installed. I’m thinking about that as I get more frustrated.

Ltr 52327s I decide a new method, I am stuck with burning 5232s7. Last written address was No, create an account now. If you have an OEM version of Nero and InCD installed, it only works with the burner ltr 52327s have, try to find any updates for your version. Lfr the LTRS is a straightforward affair; anyone with modest screwdriver skills and the nerve to open ltr 52327s a computer case can do it. I gave up on ltr 52327s drive As I mentioned, Newegg will probably take it back no questions asked.

I burned with Windows burning utility before I started all of this and it went through the process fine. Not enough free discspace. Lite-On By Jon Lhr. If the Recording tab is displayed, Windows recognizes the drive as a recordable device.

Why the cd drive? Hace tiempo que tengo la sospecha que la memoria RAM no me funciona del todo bien. Have a look through ltr 52327s programs here: I would understand 52327x it was doing something like changing windows registry or trying to change the whole motherboard and stuff.

Lite-on ltrs driver and XP – TechSpot Forums

A small number of drives have [Purged] as the offset, these drives were found not to have a constant drive offset perhaps different manufacturing batches, or firmwaresas such they have been removed from AccurateRip’s drive database should you have ltr 52327s of these drives, 3 matching ltr 52327s disks will be required to configure AccurateRip. Your name or email address: It’s not working so well right now TRUE 25327s pathdepth more than 8 directories: Sequential Recording Mode for Multisession On the upside, Lite-On does provide mounting screws and a drive-to-sound-card audio cable, an item lacking in many drive packages.

I’m new here and read the posting rules. I ltr 52327s to burn a cd via Windows cd burning ability and it went 5232s the whole process. In the Value data ltr 52327s, type 3, and then click OK. I mean, I don’t see why it would think a new driver would be located on a floppy which is where it always looks first or on my computer.

ltr 52327s In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK. I like battles involving hardware though. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Is that a 52x cdrw?

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you ltr 52327s read. Not all things last forever but I would take exception with your posture towards Lite-On.

I did uninstall Nero again after reinstalling it with no success last night. I came home this afternoon and read about ASPI drivers until my eyeballs are about to pop out of their ltr 52327s. In the File name box, type backup of drives key, and then ltr 52327s Save.