In Sakurai’s own words, “to make cameras the same as the others was not interesting”. This page was last modified on 22 March , at For this it revived its famous Olympus Pen brand. While never quite challenging Nikon and Canon as the leading choice of professional photographers, Olympus did have a loyal and dedicated following for the OM system, including David Bailey and Lord Lichfield. The company underwent research in camera lenses from about , to diversify its activities. Our stunning compact designs, sophisticated technologies, and powerful imaging help you get your shot in ways unlike any other camera manufacturer. Contents 1 History 1.

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Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. Some of these cameras received a five-element lens called Olympus sp-600uz Zuiko. This page has been accessed 49, times. This allowed Olympus to design its bodies and lenses specifically for digital use.

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Digital Cameras

sp-60u0z Olympus traditionally brands all its lenses with the name Zuikoa system begun with the very first Olympus camera released, and carried on olympus sp-600uz the various camera formats and systems since then.

Sophisticated Compact Style, olympus sp-600uz, olymps. The company first tried to sell camera lenses alone. Without the huge autofocus lens catalogue of Nikon and Canon, Olympus was free to build its system without concessions to an older 35mm-based system. Easy Touchscreen Interface, 16MP, 8.

Contents 1 History 1. Zoom Interchangeable Lenses 2. The company sold some Zuiko 7.

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Along with PanasonicOlympus has also launched a compact camera system based on the Micro Four-Thirds standard. The company was founded on October 12, olympus sp-600uz the sp-600iz K. In Olympus launched its XA line of compact cameras. During the same year Olympus launched the Pen half-frame camera, designed by Maitani Olympus sp-600uz [40]the first of a long series.

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The new Loympus are finderless compact digicams for Micro-Four-Thirds lenses, but including an accessory shoe where an electronic eye-level finder can be attached instead of a flash.

The XA is probably the smallest true rangefinder camera ever sold and was very popular among photographers as the pocket camera to carry. Its compactness and sleek lines were revolutionary at sp-600u time, olympus sp-600uz it could take 72 shots without reloading on a standard 35mm cassette. Ultra HD 4k Video, F2. Flickr image Japanese camera makers Japanese lens makers Olympus Topography.

At a time when the large and relatively heavy Nikon F was still the workhorse of olympus sp-600uz photographers, the compact OM system was once again revolutionary.

Personal tools Log in. HD Video 1. It also olympus sp-600uz two lenses for a third-party lens mount in the early s: When the digital market took off with the launch of reasonably affordable, compact 2. Sort Position Name Price. Olympus changed its orientation and pioneered the concept of the “bridge” camera olympus sp-600uz auto-everything SLR with fixed zoom lens with the IS series.

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It carried on this success at olympus sp-600uz turn of the century into the digital field, as film camera production was ended in Retrieved from ” http: An exposure meter for the microscope cameras was available. Pro Advantage Renewal Item No olympus sp-600uz.

Show 12 24 It was the first professional model of the modern type compact DSLRs for interchangeable lenses. Out of stock Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Our stunning compact designs, sophisticated technologies, and powerful imaging help you get your shot in ways unlike any other camera manufacturer. It seems that the founder Yamashita Takeshi wanted to emulate the German company Carl Olympus sp-600uzwhich made microscopes and camera olympus sp-600uz, among the best of the time, and had entered camera production with the creation of Zeiss Ikon.

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