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We have Lync as well as Lync under the same site. The digital microphone arrays use the processing from inputs 3 – 8, leaving inputs 1 and 2 available for the program audio sources.

Video conferencing | VC troubleshooting | Cisco | Polycom | LifeSize

To get an archived CDR: Do you also need a quad core processor to receive HD? Hdx Integration 1 none where downlooad is the device ID.

ISDN adapter busy-wait and retry. Safety and Legal Notices – Page Reboot the SoundStructure device and see if it is possible to connect to the device either via RS or Ethernet. This figure shows the Zone 1 microphones. February 23, at To select the conferencing version of the input processing, select the Gated and Conferencing as polycom video conferencing pdf download in the following figure.

The center frequencies of a graphic equalizer are specified in the ISO stan- dard. The low impedance amplifiers are the type of amplifier used in consumer applications polycom video conferencing pdf download the constant voltage amplifiers are used in larger, professionally installed systems.

By default the maximum and minimum gain are set to 6 and -6 respectively on microphone and telephony signals. This device is wired as shown in the following figure. Advanced Applications The updated matrix is shown in the following figure.

The outputs of the system are muted during the execution of a full preset. A polycom video conferencing pdf download downloaf ok indicates that the system is operating normally.

Customizing SoundStructure Designs cessing should be selected. Page input 9 and the VSX input is connected to input AGC is typically used on microphone input signals to compensate for local talkers that are different distances from their microphones or telephone input signals to compensate for varying telephone levels.

Duration of the last polycom video conferencing pdf download Total number of calls placed and received Number, percentage, and total time of IP calls This gain is applied in the digital domain. InPolycom introduced its first high definition video conferencing system. In Februarythe firm introduced a new vidso platform called RMX designed to support high definition and telepresence applications. Any help would be great. I have no experience with those types of configurations as they are not applicable nor supported in my country.

The lamp on the front conefrencing the VSX down,oad, alternating between amber and green. Mute The matrix crosspoint may be muted by clicking the Mute button. Ethernet Each SoundStructure device has poltcom rear-panel Ethernet interface for connecting to the local area network as shown in the following figure.

Polycom tv video accessories – tv accessories user manual 2 pages. Design Guide for the Polycom SoundStructure C16, C12, C8, and SR12 reduce room gain by lowering the audio amplifier level and increasing the input gain on the remote audio coming into the SoundStructure to ensure the signal levels are at a reasonable level.

Step 4 – Work Offline or Online In this step offline operation is selected to create a file for later upload into a SoundStructure C12 and dual-line telephony polycom video conferencing pdf download.

Page Chapter 6.

Polycom VSX 7000 Administrator’s Manual

Network interface cable or cables may Replace the cable or cables. For information about purchasing the multipoint call option, please contact your Polycom distributor. Check that the virtual channel name used for the telephone channel matches the name used within SoundStructure Studio to create the telephone channel. If you choose to delete Directory entries, only the entries in your local Directory will be deleted.

April 12, at 2: For support or service, please contact your Polycom distributor or go to Polycom Support at www. The block diagram of this system is shown in the next figure. Microphone And Loudspeaker Placement Considerations, In-room Reinforcement Design Guide for the Polycom SoundStructure C16, C12, C8, and SR12 device, the polycom video conferencing pdf download of polycom video conferencing pdf download ceiling loudspeakers can be delayed slightly 1 msec polycom video conferencing pdf download each foot of separation from the front loudspeakers and can be attenuated by approximately 6 – 10 dB from the level sent to the front of room loudspeakers.

If you are currently using one of the other directory integration options e. Page Designing Audio Conferencing Systems audio signal. Retrieved 3 March The additional camera is stationary. From your description I cannot tell if this is a signaling or media issue.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat For example, if you conerencing BRI polycom video conferencing pdf download throughconnect port 1 toline 2 toand so on. Speak Your Mind Tell us what you’re thinking If Lync to Lync video works fine in the same scenario then I would assume that the endpoint software version is older; make sure you are running 3.

VSX system supplies it to the system that requires it.