I have had a Dell and a Compaq respond as dead only due to a failed battery in the circuit. I wonder how many are resolders. The front lights will just flash but nothing will fire up. Boot from the Vista installation CD. I turned it off and tried again, same thing. So, now the power jack is pushed wayyy up in the port.

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The bigger sticker had these numbers. Prresario had a friend suggest it might presario v6500 a fuse on the motherboard? Mine will be presario v6500 asap. These are suppose to happen because of the way HP made the laptops though!! Lift up and replace the processor. Can I use wire to short it? Have a super day.

Tried all of the above. Repeat, shuts off etc. That might have been a little unclear. I have tried to remove presario v6500 case on the bottom and I have removed the wireless card, the hard drive, the battery and everything I can find, but there is still something holding it together in the area of the fan? The disk is almost full.

Entering my mb part number on ebay brought up an ad for a repair place in FL. But not matter presario v6500 I try, it wont flash because the stupid flash program thinks presario v6500 is the wrong bios file for the wrong PC recognizes the wrong bios on the board and wants to flash the same crap only on it. Try removing memory modules and test presario v6500 laptop with presadio one module installed.

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The laptop still works, so I figured if that was the case, the laptop would not work at presario v6500. Love to hear from you about this.

Plz where i can get presaio these flexy cables online?? Any idea on what the presario v6500 is? My laptop look like it works. I dropped my laptop and broke the screen. I have found just the fan that said it fits the f would they work. Presario v6500 laptop after turning off starts again, then blue screen with message and off, then again starts him self on and again the same!

Any ideas on what to do or what you think the problem could be? The motherboard has been removed. God presario v6500 you all and have fun. The audio board only has audio preario and volume control.

Can you give me presario v6500 what to do?

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Presario v6500 is the actual problem. The HP part number looks like that: First, I would try reconnecting the drive. I also switch my power suply between L and the broken one. Presario v6500 a small tip I have been using for a while now: I looked at it pgesario good and see no spots where it may have fried.

I got an external sound card. It looks like a power supply issue.

Swapped out memory modules as suggested and no success. In my case the computer, when turned off, would not only start by presario v6500 the power button but also touching this pad, no matter what I touched… Even an alcohol wetted presafio swab presario v6500 enough to activate.

I have a Presario F What do you suggest me?

Drivers and utilities for Notebooks / Laptops (Netbooks) HP:

Can you see DVD drive in the device manager? PC suppose be backward compatible with PC So to continue from earlier, presario v6500 you want to try presario v6500 method, it may help. Make sure it outputs correct voltage. Could be bad connection between the video cable and motherboard. I am replacing the LCD screen, but I am having trouble removing the keyboard from the laptop.

If the laptop loses video on both, the internal LCD and external monitor, there could be a problem presario v6500 the video card.