I also received a link from fujitsu-siemens that states that the following software comes with the S Yes, you can definitely make it so that ScanSnap Manager kicks out individual pages. Brooks Duncan – May 14, Reply. If you have another program that can read or import the particular format you saved the information in, you can then open the file using that program. Brooks Duncan – March 23, Reply. MJA – May 5, Reply.

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The S1500 scansnap ScanSnap S is the most impressive ScanSnap model yet, but it doesn’t provide a standard scan driver, which would give it more flexibility.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Multi Sheet-Fed Scanner

Do I s1500 scansnap Acrobat to extract the pages or can I change the settings with ScanSnap Manager to have only individual pages if needed? I would like to have a scanner that could work currently with my environment windows and kubuntu but I s1500 scansnap do only with windows but I would like to make sure Scansmap keep functionalities when I finally move on.

We also have a for our Windows machine. If you have the appropriate program Word, Excel, or PowerPoint installed, as I did for my tests, S1500 scansnap will launch a program window and send s1500 scansnap recognized text to the window.

To select a file format, follow the step below.

I have to plug in the USB scannsap I first run Windows 7 to make sure it sees the scanner and select the Windows computer. I can see the SM being available via distribution and retail, but the S s1500 scansnap not.

Contact Us Got questions? Aside from S1500 scansnap Manager, the Setup only contains the specific s1500 scansnap for the model detected. Secondly, I have been offered a S without the original software discs, is ther anywhere I can get it? Scansnaap I scan several pages I end up with one document. Max M – October 23, Reply.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 & S1500M Are Now Cross-Platform

Notify me of followup comments via s1500 scansnap. Cons Lack of a standard driver means you can’t give a scan command from within s1500 scansnap program. About the Author Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. As for Ubuntu, in this postthere is some discussion of using the ScanSnap in Linux. S1500 scansnap are a few more details that Fujitsu shared with me: If you have a ecansnap, you can use it with, say, an optical character recognition OCR program, so you can open the OCR program and use the program’s scan command to s1500 scansnap up the driver.

Before changing the file format for a selected application, ensure that the application selected can support that format.

I use Parallels in Windows only when I have no choice. David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and s1500 scansnap industry consultant. I can even make a strong argument s1500 scansnap it’s the best desktop document scanner in its price class.

Unfortunately, it falls one small, but significant, step short of s1500 scansnap an Editors’ Choice. Everysheets or one year.

Brooks Duncan – March 23, Reply. Country Selector United States Change. My main question was s1500 scansnap will they be cross-platform like most USB devices? Tullio scansnal May 24, Reply.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S Specs – CNET

Plus colour of the scanner and the other minor bits of software bundled in. Yes, it is much better than the old days when the s1500 scansnap weren’t cross-platform. ScanSnap S is now equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that can be turned on to help operators avoid losing images. All s1500 scansnap already come equipped with a Scananap viewer and editor. I value your privacy and your information is never shared with anyone. With any scanner, the included software is a key component s15000 determining what the scanner can and can’t do.