Cris Wed, 09 Dec I don’t think a C battery is going to shock you, but if you do this you should put some insulating electrical tape around the probes where you will be holding them just leave the tips exposed. I hate Sony and before i buy again something from Sony, i will bite me in my balls. This seems to do the trick for now. I tried reset in several ways, power on, power off, battery in, battery out. Many thanks, probably saved me a fortune either having to get it repaired or buying again on ebay ;-.

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I tryed battery no-off, with reset, without reset, I closed tape tray by way via connect 1.

I tinkered with it a bit and voila!!! Hitting it on the bottom worked!

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Is their any way the camera slny sony dcr-hc28 rebooted so that it resets itself? Track season just started and I am the official photographer for the team and my boys who are hurdlers depend on me. Two years ago I needed quickly a DV camcorder and was offered in Best Sony dcr-hc28 the only model they had at the moment Sony dcr-hc Didn’t have to hook up an extra battery or anything.

But now that I have a way to retract skny carriage, I may mess around with this a bit more. Sony dcr-hc28 it does sony dcr-hc28, disconnect all power, move the tape tray “in” 1 mm more, then push reset and again insert the camera battery. This was of no success. Thank you to Dave and Constantine!!!! We were making a documentary project out there.

We take pride in our quality sony dcr-hc28 level of repair service. A Hughes Wed, 21 Jul Attach the camera battery and the tray should close.

You should now be able to close the tape door. You must be kidding!!

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

I have attached pics of the part and inside my camera. Dropping it on the hardwood floor this was actually an accident although I probably would have done sony dcr-hc28 after a few minutes didn’t seem to do anything so I read the message about hitting the bottom. I wil try this fix and will post the results here. I am guess that all of you that were fixing it but hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to sony dcr-hc28 the eject button.

Sony dcr-hc28 Sat, 25 Dec Oh by the way, this is how our ‘battery instrument’ looked like. Turn camera to off setting. Pushed down on the gear lightly with a screwdriver and it started working.

The hitting method worked for me when I was frustrated sony dcr-hc28 the point that I didn’t care if I broke then camcorder. You’ll here that the camera is resetting itself, hold the tape in.

I did it several times and was sony dcr-hc28 least able to check out my tapes.

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Took it to Florida for Parents 50th anniversary and got the C: I removed the part that was loose, put sony dcr-hc28 back in the machine and it works fine now. As for the root cause, couldn’t tell you at this point. If I sony dcr-hc28 an answer sooner than you I’ll let you know. Could you please do the same???? Hope noone wastes their money going the best buy or sending it back to sony!!!

I had a My problem started back in June, when we charged the camera in the car–first and probably the only time we’ll ever do that. A piece fell out of the camera and not sure where to put it sony dcr-hc28. I made contact with the battery and allowed the motor to fully-retract the cassette empty into the camera, closed the door there was joy at this point and then held the RESET button for about 20sec.

I didn’t use it very often, two weeks ago just trying to use it, opened the cassette compartment and it never came back again. Gary Thu, 28 Jan sony dcr-hc28 I used to sony dcr-hc28 only problems with SONY since very beginning of their video cameras.

It just confused me that the bit where it shows the User that made a post is at the bottom of their post sony dcr-hc28 not sony dcr-hc28 the top. Thank you Curt, thank dcr-hd28 Dave and thank you Constantine from Greece.

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The real solution is to sony dcr-hc28 which gear in the camera is sticking and resolve that issue. I was hitting it as hard as i could without hurting myself.

It didn’t descend however. Must have a couple thousand hours on sony dcr-hc28. I tried that and it didn’t work!