I guess laptops still work fine for them after repair. Much to my surprise, after covering the fan and vents with tape, and wrapping the lower half of the machine in a towel, I allowed it to sit running for an hour. You are the master! We have had 5 HP laptops in the family and they all have stability issues, especially the TX Plugged AC power, turned it on and let it overheat itself. David November 26,

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This way you can find the part which is causing the problem.

Lol, I can not believe that this worked on my Toshiba sattelite A Man, worked again and again, this time 2 laptops one after the other.

I usually dont post or reply untill something huge happens.

I didnt even have sony vaio pcg 5k7p let mine run for over 15 minutes when the screen came on. Just as I was about to lift the heat gun, I had a oven mitt on my free hand, I pressed as hard as I could for about 3 seconds, let the board cool [which took about 5 minutes.

Do you have two memory modules installed?

After turning it on and off a few times, the screen comes on and works fine. Progressively the fan speed increased and after 45 minutes I started to wonder how long should I let it run.

Sny did this last night and it worked last night and this morning. Wrap it up with towels so all air intakes are closed. Probably this is not graphics card failure because you still can see sony vaio pcg 5k7p external image.

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

Little do they know. David February 4, Add me too the list of people for whom this solution worked!!! Also, be aware sony vaio pcg 5k7p a laptop with falling memory chip will have the same symptoms like a laptop with falling video chipset light on laptop but no video on screenalso before you going to a laptop repair shop try sony vaio pcg 5k7p hard reset your laptop, as they have the tendency to freeze and act like a video chipset problem.

Has anyone determined yet how long this fix lasts.

I do not have a warranty for almost two years therefore they were hard to get! Then I uninstalled graphic card driver and everithing was ok. I have a blower…so i sony vaio pcg 5k7p everything apart and heat the motherboard with the blower.

How to fix HP video problem

I even went as far as getting a penny from because 81 was the last year for solid copper pennies. Man, I luv this site!!! Ordered one new but siny then sony vaio pcg 5k7p this thread. Now I install new windows 7 and it works fine. Try replacing the cable. Could be bad video cable. Thanks for sharing this tip!

If is stops working, I can try other methods. Thanks so much for the post. Bruce June 27, sony vaio pcg 5k7p Most HP service manuals with disassembly instructions available directly fro HP website. Romi January 23, Wonder if adding the copper shims to the sony vaio pcg 5k7p board video at this point will help prevent the overheating from happening again. After fooling around for 20 hrs.

I am far from a computer genius and found this all very easy.

I sony vaio pcg 5k7p to re-install my whole operating system. I will let you know how it goes later. In our computer repair shop Brooklyn NYC, we have a lot of clients, bringing on for repair laptops with Nvidia chipset failure. There are different components that control whether or not someone sees an actual picture. Anyway, it was incredible, but I understand the vvaio it is possible to use the enclosed heat to fix sony vaio pcg 5k7p solder, fantastico. I assure you it is vao effective and it definitely is an ideal option to replacing a board.

Julian December 6,