Then, after A minute, I pressed the power button to on the computer and the power was not working, meaning the computer just does not turn on , and I tried so hard to turn it on, but it just does not. Cara October 20, The IB is usually laid inside a transparent cubic plastic tube located under screen. Then, all of a sudden, the computer shut down, and made a crashing type of sound, which worried me. Links to the service manuals were posted on one of the Russian forums comment I thought it was overheated but did not want to include more.

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Can you help me? After that boot your laptop sony vaio pcg-71311w the recovery disc and reimage the hard drive back to factory defaults. Kindly, assit me to fix this problem.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Anyone has another way to bypass it? Mike November 30, Hi guys, I have a sony vaio vgn-avp which is now 6 or 7 years old. Sony vaio pcg-71311w Chong March 14, I thought it was overheated but did not want to include more. Some sony vaio pcg-71311w are large and it might take some time to download them, so be patient. May August 20, I am needing to replace a dc power plug and need to find instructions for disssebbly and reassembly for my PCGL.

Blaubirne October 10, Any one to help?? Is it still covered by the store warranty usually 2 weeks in the US. Any information would vaaio greatly appreciated. The sony vaio pcg-71311w currently has 1. After that try pulling the DVD drive from the laptop.

I have sony vaio e series laptop working in pvt org. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem. And yes, you can pay the postage. More I opted sony vaio pcg-71311w Norton first edition pftttttttt it starts at any time in sony vaio pcg-71311w background and pump the ram while aggravating overheating. They are changed by me. I would, however, prefer a few more words about the difficulty of particular tasks.

Now I want to change that to windows xp and i have tried several time but to no avail. MajorCat April 21, Post your e-mail up here and we can talk.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

But I dont sony vaio pcg-71311w, what is the problem in the internal speaker? THanks for any help! I want detailed service manual for laptop pcg-7311w. Actually both the speakers are not working.

Is it enough just replace the fan or the whole motherboard has to be replaced? Thanks for this interesting page. Hope someone can sony vaio pcg-71311w me. TS August 9, I tried to refit it by applying sloder but the clips were removed from the base of the board.

Thanks, avio all the best to you! Tomas February 14, Thanks for this manuals. Can you or anyone post it? If you have a Bluetooth card installed it should appear in the sony vaio pcg-71311w manager.

I found this other site for manuals: Efreen July 2, Tried your guide for VGN-N but there still seems to be something holding the keyboard as I am unable sony vaio pcg-71311w release the 5 tabs. Download and reinstall the audio driver. Anyway thanks for the service manual. Has anyone dealt with this type of issue? Try removing them one by one.

Look at the lower right corner of the screen. I tried opening it up but could only get it to open halfway.

Ed Bax March 8, I cannot tell without looking at the laptop. Does someone have a service manual for a sony vgn-z11 laptop?