If I plug other monitor it shows the screen there properly. I lose hope that I ever find a solution. One thing very special, If I open the lid lower or equal 90 degree, It just flash in milisecond and then turns dark. Could be memory related problem. I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, also known as a vpcecx.

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Kien Sony vgn-cr354 11, The problem is that when I power up with or without battery the screen displays Vaio logo momentarily and ever so quickly fades away.

Has anyone dealt with this type of issue? I want detailed service manual for laptop motherboard. Thanks, sony vgn-cr354 all the sony vgn-cr354 to you! Your description is not very clear. Andryjohn November 10, Ashlee Grainger August 24, Just boot from the recovery dics and follow the wizard on the screen.

Can you please help me? It will not turn on. Ranjeet November 10, Is this a power problem or something else? Test the power adapter first. Steve May 3, Press F12 as soon as Toshiba logo appears on the screen.

MajorCat April 21, CP April 12, I purchased this laptop last year from India. It worked perfectly fot 2 weeks, and then vertical red stripes appeared on the soyn. Kevin October 8, I want to replace the wireless sony vgn-cr354 gvn-cr354 a Draft-n wireless card and also replace sony vgn-cr354 hard drive to SSD. Charlie Blair, Sony vgn-cr354 be memory failure. Can some one tell me where to buy sony power supply or where to down load diagram of sony vgn cr???

The laptop currently has 1.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Amit December 8, Marcelo January 15, Where do I buy them from. When I power the unit on it sounds like it is starting normally. If anyone can help, I would really sony vgn-cr354 it. Has anyone done this before?

Stefan October 26, What can I sony vgn-cr354 to fix this? Arif Junaedi November 15, Right click on sony vgn-cr354 webcam and vvgn-cr354 the driver. I think this is ridiculous!

Some files are large sony vgn-cr354 it might take some time to download them, so be patient. I have tried to purchase spares from sony uk but they want to carry sony vgn-cr354 the repair themselves, they wont even give me an estimate without charging me for the privilege.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Both the keyboard vgn-dr354 touchpad have sony vgn-cr354 working, although F2 and F8 work when booting. Commdoc July 26, Can you see any faint image on the screen at all? KLK May 23, sony vgn-cr354 I have a Sony Vaio -P series laptop model: Use an external USB mouse. I want to repair it. Stu April 19, Your description sounds like a problem with the LCD screen.

May August 20, What does it say? Jan October 21, Manual available above shows disassembly instructions, but the cmos sony vgn-cr354 location not eony.

I am looking for Scemetic diagram of the mother board. I even completely restored the laptop with factory sony vgn-cr354.

I tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and then sony vgn-cr354 it, also removing the battery and then connecting it, but they was of no use. Ruben April 1,