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SharePoint itself cannot reference an external data source.

20 Software Scalability Questions & Answers for Architect Interview

For syntax, see DataGrid Control Syntax. June 19, at 2: Explain Which controls can not be placed in MDI? As soon as the business activity is complete and there is data about it, the completed activity data flows into the data warehouse and becomes available instantly.

It is also a questiona they will use to determine if you are compatible for the vb script interview questions and answers pdf download. Find and share information more simply.

The critical factor leading to the use of a data warehouse is that a data analyst can perform intreview queries and analysis, such as data mining, on the information vb script interview questions and answers pdf download slowing down the operational systems Ref: Under each parent Web site, you can create up to 10 sub-sites each with unique permissions, settings and security rights. You can build custom applications that are intelligent because the data mining models are easily accessible to the outside world.

Otherwise, unhandled security exceptions may cause the Web Part to fail and may affect page rendering on the page where the Web Part appears.

What is a workspace? SPS uses digital dashboard technology which provides a nice interface for creating web parts and showing them on dashboards pages. The items inside appSettings are items that need to be configurable depending upon the environment, for instance, any database connection strings will change as you move your application from a testing and staging server into production.

Means I vb script interview questions and answers pdf download to print a document opened by user using ajax editor I am displaying the editor content as word document and I want to print that document.

Print PDF file in 01 by giving Printer Name | .NET Interview Questions

How can I make my site public? I would have enjoyed more choices in environmental courses, and would have preferred more calculus-based vb script interview questions and answers pdf download. What would your ideal job be? This is used extensively because VBA deals with information rich applications in which type errors are common. OLTP database tables are normalized and it will add additional time to queries to return results.

Any changes made to the state of the control in the prerender phase can be saved, while changes made in the rendering phase are lost. Page directive defines page-specific attributes used in ASP.

June 24, at NET page framework completes handler execution to allow caching downloax to store responses to be used to handle subsequent requests. User defined date, numeric and string formats are present in many of the applications. How did you achieve it?

Option Pros Cons Increase the trust level for the entire virtual server. Increase the trust level for the entire virtual server.

20 Software Scalability Questions & Answers for Architect Interview | FromDev

Explain an ideal voltage source? Site Server has search capabilities prf these are more advanced using SharePoint. Partitioning a database improves performance and simplifies maintenance.

Explain zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown? Posted in microsoft interview questionssharepoint interview questions. In computer science, data modeling interciew the process of creating a data model by applying a data model theory to create a data model instance.

When i work with the. You can post documents in many vb script interview questions and answers pdf download, including. The benefits of using hidden fields to store client-side state include: Snapshot of business processes which does fundamental business tasks OLAP: Code-behind is code written in seprate file and refrenced by.

What does partial trust mean the Web Part developer? Intervisw are the differences? Here is what I got to work:. What are lookup tables? We need replication when we need to distribute data to and from different locations.

Online Analytical Processing OLAP allows us to access aggregated and organized data from business data sources, such as data warehouses, in a multidimensional structure called a cube. For example, if you use. There are four levels by default and additional levels can be composed as necessary.

Believe me, check-in, check-out, which are themselves very basic, are not available from inside Office XP, or even from the context menu in Windows Explorer. Datagrid is most restrictive as regards to aanswers followed by DataList and finally Repeater is the most customizable. Manage content and streamline processes. What is Microsoft Windows Services? With a recordset, you can navigate returned records.